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    So Instagram keeps changing its algorithm and everyone is freaking out… Now what? Well first, let this be proof that you need your own platform (i.e. a blog) because no matter how many times a platform changes, you will always have this space that is owned AND controlled by YOU. That being said, you still […]

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    On any ordinary day, staying cheerful and positive are effortless tasks… Where it gets difficult is when everything seems to go wrong. I’ve been reading and preaching The Law of Attraction these last few months because I strongly believe that you attract more of what you feel. That means when you think and feel like […]

    The post 3 Quick Tips for Staying Positive Even On a Terrible Day appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Whether you are a full-time blogger or balance both blogging and a 9-to-5 job, staying on top of your work and schedule can be physically, mentally and emotionally exhausting. It can seem like there are simply not enough hours in a day to get everything accomplished. Since leaving my job and pursuing self-employment, the task […]

    The post The Art of Checking Things Off Your To-Do List appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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  • 04/10/18--08:39: This Is Eternity
  • Breathing an exhilarating and new chapter for CALVIN KLEIN ETERNITY. ETERNITY AIR is the moment you dare not to describe, thrilling and unexpected. It’s butterflies in your stomach, a glittering sunrise and a breeze that hints of a distant ocean. It’s falling in love with a thing, a time, a new potential. Thanks so much to CALVIN KLEIN for inviting me […]

    The post This Is Eternity appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    From an outside perspective, it generally may look like all bloggers in the public eye are exceptionally outgoing and confident since you often find them hopping from one event to another… It seems their life can be a whirlwind of attending this fashion show, going to a product launch, or having a blogger meet up […]

    The post How to Get Yourself to go to Blogger Events as an Introvert appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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  • 04/17/18--08:52: We Found Heaven On Earth
  • There aren’t many places that compare to New Zealand. I have to thank my newlywed friends, Nicole Warne and Luke Shadbolt, for creating a great excuse to go there – and the iconic outdoor clothing brand Woolrich for giving me the inspiration to explore. My boyfriend, Gabriel, and I spend a couple weeks adventuring through […]

    The post We Found Heaven On Earth appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Summer is quickly approaching and with it, the return of bikini season, but there are so many more reasons to get in shape now! I’m constantly reading in business books how exercising is such an important part of the lives of CEOs. I’ve always pondered how accurate this was and now I know… A few […]

    The post How to Get in Shape Without Going to the Gym & Why appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    The word “manifestation” has been thrown around quite a lot recently. But what exactly is it and how can we harness it to achieve blogging success? You may not realize it, but we are already manifesting experiences, people and goals all the time. However, the art of manifesting all boils down to awareness, intention, and […]

    The post How to Manifest Blogging Success appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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  • 05/01/18--08:32: Celebrate Good Hair Colour!
  • Brand new hair gives you a brand new confidence. There’s really nothing like it!   But if you’re going for an unusual hue, a step away from your natural colour – then that feeling isn’t really going to last as long as you might hope. I’m sure you might know, I’ve gone with vibrant colour […]

    The post Celebrate Good Hair Colour! appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    As we all try to beat the Instagram algorithm and boost our engagement, you probably know that posting frequently is a great way to garner exposure. But oftentimes, we run dry of ideas and have no clue what to post on Instagram… I run into this all the time. On one hand, I may have […]

    The post What to Post on Instagram When You Run Out of Ideas appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    One of the things I wish I knew before going freelance was insane amount of ups and downs I’d go through. Sure, I’ve heard entrepreneurs speak of this roller coaster a few times before, but you really have no idea how volatile it is until you’re in a position where everything in your life depends […]

    The post How Journaling Helps When You Feel Defeated appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Over the years, I have discovered there are a lot of people who confidently know what career they wish to pursue from the time they are young. For example, many know from a relatively young age they want to be a grade school teacher or a physician. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. What […]

    The post How Dating Your Jobs Help You Find the Perfect One appeared first on Zanita Studio.