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    Lipstick is one of those things I used to think I could live without until I recognized its ability to transform your look (and lips) with a swipe or two. Having said that, I’ve touched more lip products these last few months than in my entire lifetime combined. I’m still always on a time crunch, […]

    The post Top Lipstick Picks To Take You Into Fall appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Adulting is the talk of the 20s… But really, your 20s are a time of experimentation… It’s prime time to develop your sense of self, figure out what you really don’t like (and like), and having fun in the process! Real adulting starts when you edge into your 30s – and it’s scary to me […]

    The post Habits to Break Before You’re 30 appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    When you hear “investments”, you immediately think monetary goods, but there are other things in life worth investing in that don’t cost a thing – and they produce exponential returns… Investing in this sense comes in the form of time, effort, and money – but of course no money necessary if you’re on a serious […]

    The post 3 Major Investments to Make that Don’t Cost a Thing appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    If you’ve read any of my posts on Zanita, you’ll know I’ll be the first person to tell you blogging is incredible. It’s not only the future, it’s what’s happening right now and there’s enough to go around for everyone. But I’ll also be the first one to tell you blogging is hard, especially since […]

    The post The Best & Worst Part About Being a Blogger appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    It’s no surprise that the bloggers who do go to fashion week are going to post about it. They’ll be creating content during fashion week on Instagram and Snapchat and creating content after fashion week on their blogs and YouTube. So with all that content, how will yours stand out if you’re not going to […]

    The post How to Optimize Your Blog for Fashion Week (Even If You’re Not Going) appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    One of the most important things a blogger has to learn how to do is overcome shyness… Watching someone put photos of themselves everywhere online might lead you to think these people are extremely confident and extroverted, but most bloggers are super shy in real life. I think that has been one of the most […]

    The post 3 Tips to Overcome Shyness like a Pro Fashion Blogger appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Not many can say they worked under the intelligence of a pioneer in the blogging industry… So, I’ll thank my lucky stars and soak up all that I’ve learned these last two years and give back by sharing that knowledge with you all. I’ll start off by first saying that the business of blogging is […]

    The post Top 5 Blog Tips in 2 Years Under Zanita appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    I feel like I say this every year, but I really can’t believe we’re already in Q4 of 2017! Two years with Zanita have truly flown by and I can’t even remember what I was carping about back in October 2015! Many things have changed since – most notably my age… I’ve gotten a little […]

    The post The Best Things About Being in Your Late 20s appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    I don’t think anyone truly knows their multi-tasking abilities until they become a mom… Those skills are especially tested to full potential when you have not one but multiple kids and a job! Only then do you truly understand the depths and meaning of a “never-ending to-do list” and “not enough hours in a day”. […]

    The post Golden Time Management Tips as a Working Mom appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Even with the pervasiveness of blogging as a career over the years, people still don’t give bloggers the credit they deserve… Everyone who’s dabbled in blogging knows how profoundly difficult and time consuming it is, yet the skill sets a successful blogger needs is typically undermined. I’ll be following up with the hard skills every […]

    The post 4 Key Soft Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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  • 10/17/17--17:21: A Moment To Celebrate
  • I haven’t been home to my parents farm in nearly two years. I can’t believe how the time has flown by – but when I really ponder the months gone past in the context of my family and my life growing up, my heart aches so deeply. Esperance isn’t the most convenient place – in […]

    The post A Moment To Celebrate appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Last week, I went over some of the soft skills I found essential for bloggers. This week, I wanted to dive in a little deeper and visit some of the most important hard skills I’ve seen across every major influencer I’ve met. I think most people look at blogging as a no-brainer, narcissistic hobby, but […]

    The post Hard Skills Every Blogger Needs to be Successful appeared first on Zanita Studio.