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    The one thing I hear you guys saying most is that you’d love to blog full-time… Though I can confirm that leaving a traditional cubicle job has been one of the most liberating things I have ever done in my life, I will say the lessons I took from corporate life were INVALUABLE! Sure, it’s […]

    The post Why You Should Work a Traditional Job Before Blogging appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Let’s talk branding. Branding is all the buzz in the blogging world lately. But why? For one thing, the payoff for effective branding is unmatched. Branding is how you’re noticed and how you continue to be recognized in your industry. Branding starts with your logo and trickles down to your fonts, colors, pictures, and voice. […]

    The post Branding Guide for Beginner Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m officially 30 as of yesterday… I started writing for Zanita when I was 27 and can hardly believe I’m here today still writing this type of content. It seems that some of my most popular posts come from my personal life lessons, so here I am starting […]

    The post 6 Things I Wish I Knew in My 20s appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    It’s not every day I get the chance to wear stunning rough diamonds set in gold from an industry icon, DeBeers Jewellers. Inspired by the warm tones and retro feeling of the Talisman collection for DeBeers, the shoot really has me feeling in the character of a glamorous starlet of the past. The pieces have […]

    The post For the Love of Rough Diamonds appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    As the global populations continue to swell and we all live in a world saturated in media, so often it feels like the healthiest thing you can do for your mental state is to just tune out. I know I’ve experienced my share of anxiety from current events – especially as a resident of the […]

    The post We Can All Be Activists – Here’s How appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Before I started blogging full-time, it was difficult to fathom what skills bloggers needed to run a successful business… Photography, photo editing, and writing skills were all high in demand years ago but as a slew of self-proclaimed photog enthusiasts and bloggers flooded the scene, the need for these specialized skills declined. Every major blogger […]

    The post Top Skills Big Bloggers Are Looking for Right Now appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    A brand new year comes with a heap of brand new things… And for me, one of those new things happen to be hair! If 2017 took you through a roller coaster, you’re probably ready for 2018. Nothing makes me feel better than stepping into a new year with a ready-to-conquer attitude and a fierce […]

    The post Top Hair Trends for the New Year appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    With Christmas at an end, we have New Year’s coming up… And while some people find it cliché to create New Year’s resolutions, others find it to be a real long-term goal. But let’s be honest, everybody has one whether it’s cutting back on spending, starting that business venture, or losing a few pounds. For […]

    The post Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Do you feel like you’re always caught up in bad situations and you just can’t seem to stop thinking about them? I’ve had plenty of these issues before (and I still do now) – and I’ll be the first to say it sucks. If you’re like me, then you probably take most of your encounters […]

    The post 4 Tips That Have Helped Me Let Go of the Past appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    In an effort to be kinder (and happier) in the New Year, I wanted to touch on a topic rarely talked about these days… WORDS. The way you write and talk are usually the two most important factors in connecting with others. And in an era where filters are non-existent, do you actually think about […]

    The post How to Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Happy New Year everyone! 2017 took us for a deranged turn of events, and we’re both torn and excited that it’s finally come to a close. For the parts that broke you, remember to put away the past, let go of the failures, and quit the procrastination. And think of 2018 as an opportunity to […]

    The post 5 Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    So it’s 2018, and you still wanna be a blogger? It’s hard to believe that after all these years, bloggers are still relevant, which goes to prove that all this talk about the blogging bubble bursting is never actually going to happen. And it is still very worthwhile to start a blog. The landscape has […]

    The post How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.