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    With Christmas at an end, we have New Year’s coming up… And while some people find it cliché to create New Year’s resolutions, others find it to be a real long-term goal. But let’s be honest, everybody has one whether it’s cutting back on spending, starting that business venture, or losing a few pounds. For […]

    The post Important Things We Forget About New Year’s Resolutions appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Do you feel like you’re always caught up in bad situations and you just can’t seem to stop thinking about them? I’ve had plenty of these issues before (and I still do now) – and I’ll be the first to say it sucks. If you’re like me, then you probably take most of your encounters […]

    The post 4 Tips That Have Helped Me Let Go of the Past appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    In an effort to be kinder (and happier) in the New Year, I wanted to touch on a topic rarely talked about these days… WORDS. The way you write and talk are usually the two most important factors in connecting with others. And in an era where filters are non-existent, do you actually think about […]

    The post How to Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Happy New Year everyone! 2017 took us for a deranged turn of events, and we’re both torn and excited that it’s finally come to a close. For the parts that broke you, remember to put away the past, let go of the failures, and quit the procrastination. And think of 2018 as an opportunity to […]

    The post 5 Great New Years Resolutions to Make in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    So it’s 2018, and you still wanna be a blogger? It’s hard to believe that after all these years, bloggers are still relevant, which goes to prove that all this talk about the blogging bubble bursting is never actually going to happen. And it is still very worthwhile to start a blog. The landscape has […]

    The post How to Make it As A Blogger in 2018 appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Before you speak, I already know what you’re thinking… Who has time for books when there’s hardly enough time to sleep. I think that often too. And every year, I’ve goaled to read at least three books, and I’ve always failed. For whatever reason, I couldn’t seem to get past TWO. However, I’m so proud […]

    The post 3 Life Changing Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Although blogging can easily look like a bunch of narcissistic girls preaching nonsense about their lives, I encourage you to look beneath the surface…. – and try your own hand at it. The benefits of blogging aren’t always straight forward and plain to see, but the many moving parts and skills involved in this seemingly […]

    The post 5 Great Reasons to Start a Blog This Year appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Are you able to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worth something? This is a struggle that I’ve dealt with before (and still do from time to time), and it’s a thought that has the potential to either build the foundation of something great or tear down all that was […]

    The post How Forgiving Yourself Leads to Massive Success appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    One of the most difficult things about being in this industry is that everyone is really freakin good… You’re basically dealing with the cream of the crop and that makes it hard to keep your eyes in your lane. In my early days, I always found it difficult not to compare my work to those […]

    The post How To Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Bloggers appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    I’m going on Month 5 of freelancing… And it still feels surreal at times that I’m doing exactly what I set out to do. I learned real quick that even though I’m essentially doing the same thing I did before, it gets crazy when you try juggling it for multiple clients. The key to staying […]

    The post 5 Essential Apps for Bloggers and Freelancers appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    What does it mean to be happy? In light of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to bring up the topic of happiness as it’s a day to celebrate the love between two people, but what about when you’re single? It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate or be happy on Valentine’s Day. We all see happiness in […]

    The post 3 Important Things to Remember About Happiness appeared first on Zanita Studio.

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    Every time I think about the influencer industry, I feel so moved emotionally and mentally… How can something that so small and passion-driven turn into a fully scaled business? It seemed like yesterday that I was devising a plan to break into the business of blogging, but after SEVEN long years here I am… I still […]

    The post 5 Steps to Turn Your Passion for Blogging into a Business appeared first on Zanita Studio.