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  • 04/01/13--04:06: First Coat
  • First Coat

    One of those better late than never posts - A few pics from my coverage of the Karen Walker show at NYFW. I just arrived back from Europe to Perth, spent the easter weekend with family and now doing a final bit of work before heading back to Sydney for Aussie fashion week and work. SO much to do! Which in my mind is good news. Great to be back in warmer climates too - though I dont mind the cooler temps of Europe its been unusually colder over there and now I like some weather thats comfortable to shoot in! I'll miss my buddies Andy, Carolina, Camille and Sandra but no doubt I'll be back before long to hang out soon. Hope you enjoy these pics of KW's show - I was particularly excited by these oversized coats. Fingers crossed they make way to my wardrobe next time I feel the chill! Thanks for your patience peeps xxx

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  • 04/01/13--20:54: Most Dope
  • Most Dope

    (pics, Richard Nicholls)

    Dressing like a teenage boy again in sneakers and a sweater - some very practical attire for shooting in - on location in Amsterdam. Seems a life time away now - as I've just landed back in Sydney to incredible sunshine and what feels like maybe coming down with the flu or some faux jetlag. Can't be  bothered adding much more here cos I just feel like complaining! One of those days hey...  Maybe too many months of living out of a suitcase is catching up with me. It's creeping up on twelve now!

    jeans and shirt, American Apparel

    sweater, Supermuse

    sneakers, Essentiel

    Rings in order - Jennifer Zeuner, Linda Tahija, Vintage

    earring, Gorjana

    watch, TW Steel

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  • 04/02/13--22:56: Oui Oui Camille!
  • Oui Oui Camille!

    Some pics I shot of my gorgeous friend Camille (Camille Over the Rainbow) in London - she's got some of the most effortless personal style I've seen and a great writer to boot.

    Miss you Camille - come to Australia!

    shirt, adidas

    skirt and booties, Elin Kling for Guess

    bag, 3.1 Phillip Lim

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  • 04/03/13--22:25: De Negen Straatjes
  • De Negen Straatjes

    My last trip to Europe was quite the whirlwind tour - and a little more stressful than the last few I've had over the past year for a couple reasons. One, I was mostly alone this trip which is something I would never usually mind because I love to drink in new surroundings solo, you gain a truly unique perspective this way - but it was freaking cold and windy and I wasn't up for venturing outside often. Next was that I never stayed in one place for more than a few nights at a time, I was constantly on the move. When you're lugging a 23 kg suitcase and 11kg backpack (this one is the killer!!) around constantly moving from place to place can really wear you down. My last few days in Amsterdam were over a weekend - and the chill factor reached up to minus 15 which for this poor little (not so little) Aussie lass was a bit much to handle, thus I spent the weekend in my room, staring at my computer, hugging a bar heater with a blanket around me. Monday however, out comes the sun - and there's nothing like the way Northern Europeans celebrate a bit of sunshine. In the morning, though it was probably around 5-8C, people were sitting outside at cafes and chilling on the stoops in front of houses, soaking in every inch. I remember the first week I was in Germany a few years ago for modelling, it was the start of spring and there was no leaves on the trees and the air had a chill. Within two weeks everything turned around and suddenly there was sun and green everywhere - and to me it seemed that population of Hamburg had tripled! It was just that summer is such a precious commodity and is really celebrated in these parts. Reminds me not to take our gorgeous Aussie summers for granted, to get out and make the most. The sun is definitely most complimentary in these European cities though... And in Amsterdam, in the beautiful area of Nine Streets, where the leaves haven't grown yet on the trees and the light floods through the branches... it was stunning.

    photos by me :)

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  • 04/05/13--13:00: Over and Over Again
  • Smooth like butter no?

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  • 04/05/13--22:49: Girl Time
  • Girl Time

    Woah! Whats this? Me wearing a flippy dress and pink jacket! Hooray I'm a girl!

    Gotta admit it is pretty nice to feel very feminine and sweet - and Camilla and Marc have mad the best sporty looking dress that swings around and doesn't overly hug the figure, which is the way I roll. Spent an afternoon with my man before I flew out to Europe and completely forget we took these pics. Wishing that damn sunshine would come back - next week the Fashion Week kicks off and I'm going to need to embrace a blonde afro if it starts to sprinkle. Damn my hair is so boofy - but then of course, the grass is always greener. Can't freaking wait to get dress up again and get amongst some of my favourite Aussie labels! Time to get my fashion chameleon on.

    dress, Camilla and Marc

    jacket, Camilla and Marc

    shoes, CMG

    sunglasses, Nick Campbell 

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  • 04/06/13--14:00: Pen and Ink
  • Pen and Ink

    I love so much this portrait of me - by the very talented Maria Teresa. Check out more of her work here!

    Also, better late than never - I finally got around to answering all your questions about making your blog successful and earning money as a blogger. Thanks for your patience! Check it out HERE

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  • 04/07/13--14:00: Carmen
  • Carmen

    Career highlight, meeting fashion icon, Carmen Dell'Orifice - who at 81 years old is the worlds oldest working supermodel. Carmen was enlisted by Aussie fashion's true king of evening dressing, Peter Alexander, to represent luxurious dressing gowns, two piece pj sets and nighties in the upcoming Mother's Day collections. Shot in NYC by world class photographer Alexei Hay, the campaign truly captures Carmen's vibrance and zest for life. I'm so grateful to be invited by Peter Alexander to snap these behind the scenes images of magic happening. Carmen is a true muse! I also had the chance to sit and chat to her for about half an hour during a break of shooting, she gave me all kinds of sage advice about relationships and my career - I wish she was related to me! I'm super lucky to have spent time with Ms Dell'Orifice.

    For those of you who aren't familiar with Peter Alexander  - we're talking about a hugely popular Australian sleepwear brand, with conceptualised collections (my fave has been the Disney range, so cute) and high street stores. I also scored an interview with Peter to discuss all things PJ's and fashion.

    Every Peter Alexander collection takes you to a new place - what is it inspiring you this season and what is it that keeps you excited about the next?    I like to keep things fresh not only for my sanity ( I've been in the pyjama game for over 25 years ) but also for my customers. Each month I do a new collection with a new theme - this May its a story about a naught girl sent to Scotland to stay with her very glamorous grandmother. The inspiration was my niece, she has moved to Glasgow to study for six months - so i just started with that , although my niece is very naughty! 

    You last collection was shot in NY with Iconic local new Yorker Carmen Dell'orifice - is there any place in the world you haven't been to but would love to visit from a professional/inspirational perspective and why? I have never been to Greek islands and I'm sure I would create a wonderfully relaxed white and blue collection ( plus i can lie on the beach and say its a work trip ! )

    How did you get into the business of pyjamas?  The million dollar question! One I get asked often - I like to say I slept around alot when I was young and realised everyone had crappy pj's so saw a gap in the market. The true story is that when I was 19 I bought a pair of pyjamas in Hong Kong ( I never wore then as an adult ) and years later I wondered if I could convert others to pyjamas as I had been.
    Can you please share with us some of you career highlights or accomplishments so far?       Reaching 25 years in this very fickle business is a big accomplishment ! I was terrible at school and never went to uni and had no real direction in my life so the fact  I have such a big company amazes me , my family and my friends every day! I was very proud when 60 minutes did a story on me a few years ago , that was a real high light
    What are some of your favourite fashion websites, magazines or books? I am old fashion ( plus close to 50 ! ) so i love a fashion magazine - US elle & UK & German vogue are my favourites - but to me a great news agent is my porn - i get so excited.
    What were some of the themes of your first Peter Alexander collections? Themes! No I was not that advanced to have themes, all I did was spots, florals, stripes but as there was NO sleepwear that was not 100% daggy on the market mine stood out.
    Can you give us a hint as to what's coming up next for Peter Alexander?
    I am loving doing collaborations and I have been working with some great artists and also with old movies (I did wizard of OZ last year and it was a sell out). So expect more of that. I would also love to spread my wings a little and try some new fashion categories (cant say what yet) . Peter Alexander is always on the move and changing and that's what I love about it.

    Thanks so much again goes to Peter Alexander and the team for inviting me to the big apple (first time I have ever been! See my post here) to be part of this campaign. Hope you like my pics!

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  • 04/08/13--14:41: Beetlejuice
  • Beetlejuice

    (photos, Margaret Zhang - editing, me)

    So if you're following me on instagram you would already be aware of the crazy get-up I wore to day one of Aussie Fashion Week - and how exciting to be a part of mania on home turf again! I can't believe its been a whole year since the last one - but when I reflect on my year it's really true that so much has happened from now and then, really makes me smile considering it. Mostly I'm proud of what some of my fellow Aussie bloggers have also achieved, it's be incredibly inspiring to share this journey with all of them - and its always pushed me to constantly improve at what I do too!

    Yesterday I had the privilege of checking out a few shows that I really can't wait to share - but it takes me a few hours to edit each one in the way I usually do... hopefully I find the energy tomorrow night. Right now I'm gazing out my's raining. Heavily. My outfit today is a dress!! Damn you unpredictable Sydney weather!! I'm sure the other street style photographers are cursing the skies right now too....

    bag, Mulberry

    necklace, CC Skye

    pants, MSGM

    shirt, Derek Lam Crosby 10

    sunglasses, Toms

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  • 04/10/13--18:05: Denim Dream
  • Denim Dream

    (pic 1, StreetFSN for Pic 2, Tommy Ton for

    Posting an outfit I wore yesterday, Day 2 of MBFWA - and I'm wearing a THOSE Maison Margiela x H&M jeans, an item of clothing I've been coveting for the longest time but didn't have the facility to acquire being that we don't have H&M here in Australia. Day two was total mania for shows - it seemed that all my favourites were due to present and it was kind of overwhelming to catch them all in quick succession. Even now, on Day 4, it kinda feels like I've been at this for well over a week.

    Gotta run out the door! Many meetings and a few shows to head to today. I'm managed to score a whole load of content so I'm looking forward to getting stuck into some good editing sessions and presenting it all for you.

    Thanks so much to Tommy and Nam for the pics!

    shirt, Supermuse (coming soon)

    jeans, Maison Margiela  x H&M 

    bag, Kzeniya

    cuff, Mies Nobis

    sunglasses, Nick Campbell

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  • 04/13/13--21:06: The Kahlo Girl
  • The Kahlo Girl

    A highlight of my MBFWA experience - catching a blogger exclusive, backstage at the Kahlo show.

    Julia Nobis opened the show looking every part the effortless cool, Kahlo girl, rocking an embossed leather crop and pencil skirt with asymmetric hemlines. I first met Julia when she was just a few short weeks into modelling, we were signed to the same agency and got to chatting at a casting. On first impression I couldn't help thinking what a fish out of water she would be in this industry, a girl who hasn't shown the slightest interest in fashion aesthetics and who seemed to lack the particular kind of vanity that fashion models usually possess. Today however, it's clear that Julia's down to earth attitude and strength of character have been totally unchanged by the crazy ride she's had as one of the worlds top working runway models, much beloved of designers like Jack McCullough and Lazaro Hernandez of Proenza Schouler. I was so delighted to know I was speaking to the same girl I met those few years ago - cool and confident - and a total original.

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  • 04/14/13--23:09: Hello Sandra
  • Hello Sandra

    Presenting my shoot with the very gorgeous Sandra from 5 inch and up - snapped in London from my trip a couple weeks ago. Feels like a life time away now, probably because I look at these pics and reminisce on the freezing wind and rain - while enjoying yet another sparkling and warm Sydney day. Makes me so happy to be in Europe though.

    On another note - Sandra had her instagram account blocked for some ridiculous reason (its not THAT kind of 5 inch and up you sickos) and now she's back in business! So dont forget to follow Sandra HERE.

    pants, Farhi by Nicole Farhi

    jacket, BCBG by Max Azria

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  • 04/15/13--21:55: The Esber Factor
  • The Esber Factor

    Presenting my imagery from the Christopher Esber show at MBFWA - and what a location! Out in the backwaters of Marrickville, this gem of a venue really brought a certain drama to the clean stylings of Christophers latest collection. Sinewy models floated down long industrial runways to pulsing music, sporting creamy and muted tones - with real 90's feel - aided by the shiny straight hair do's... and these ASOS heels!! All in all, a very cool collection. One that initially left only a small impression of me (being drawn to sparkle and colour!) - but upon reflection and deeper consideration, really felt like something I wanted to invest in. I'd love to wear a whole load of these pieces - but styled in my own way - with bolder accessories, denim and vibrant heels.

    Congratulations Christopher on this beautiful and elegant show!

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  • 04/16/13--14:00: So Trenchie, So Chic
  • So Trenchie, So Chic

    pics, Margaret Zhang

    A silk trench dress - Perhaps the dress of my dreams, its slouchy free flowing lengths inspire both movement and comfort. Worn here with a new favourite, this Wild Fox skeleton necklace. Many thanks to Margs for loaning me the Boyy octopus clutch - the perfect compliment to an all black ensemble. Although I mostly love to wear colour - especially to fabulous fashion events like MBFWA - I was happy to find a 'black crow' outfit  (hi Suzy Menkes!) that still inspired the energy of streetstyle fashion thats you see in all the pics. So delighted with this image snapped by Streetstyle favourite Phil Oh of Streetpeeper for US Vogue online. Kind of a shame it wasn't raining all day so I could sport that blue umbrella all day!

    silk trench, Zimmerman

    shoes, RMK

    clutch, Boyy

    necklace, Wildfox

    sunglasses, lookmatic

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  • 04/18/13--21:01: Ellery Land
  • Ellery Land

    Kym Ellery's show at MBFWA, once again strikes the perfect balance between high end luxury and the utter epitome of coolness. Really enjoying the subtle evolution of Ellery as a brand - each season picking up on trends and making them part of the Ellery girl's look.  This season was a win with the styling, loved the jackets tied around the waist (Margaret Zhang!!) with floor length side split skirts and dresses and a traditional Cheongsam influence. Also loved seeing all the most popular models in town walking and of course, the Hanne Gaby exclusive. Hopefully will have the chance to borrow a load of pieces to shoot an editorial asap!

    Congrats Kym!

    photography and editing, me

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  • 04/19/13--14:01: Mint Chip
  • Mint Chip

    Pic, Candice Lake for Vogue UK

    A fresh outfit I wore to the Lisa Ho show at MBFWA, one I only had the chance to wear for a short amount of time for fear I was going to have one of my heels break (it happens!)  - therefore I didn't manage to get a snap of my own before changing and heading off to shows at the Carriage works. I wasn't entirely sure about this ensemble being truly 'me' - mostly because I rarely wear white. I tend to spill coffee on myself everyday so this hue is usually a no go - plus I often have bad luck - and kinda fear that if I ever wore a white skirt in public, regardless of the time of the month, I would just spontaneously get my period. TMI truth. Candice told me however, that this was her favourite outfit I'd worn for the week - and with that girl's impeccable style, I'd be stupid not to believe her on some level.

    neoprene vest, HAN  (thanks Margs!)

    shirt, American Apparel

    skirt, Supermuse (coming soon)

    heels, Beau Coops

    sunglasses, Lookmatic

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  • 04/20/13--14:00: Werk
  • Werk

    photo, Margaret Zhang

    So I'm sitting pretty in Perth right now - and its an unusual feeling for me because even though I have loads of work to do - I feel a little like I'm in limbo while I'm here. In Australia - basically the entire fashion industry runs out of Sydney. I get a weird feeling while I'm in other places of Australia, like its all rushing on without me and I'm missing out on important work.... Though, I also feel that while I'm in Sydney - the entire northern hemisphere makes progress in a totally different direction. I've been working in the Aussie fashion industry for coming up to 9 years, being immersed in it for so long, I often forget how interesting it seems from an outside perspective. One of the reasons I feel like my blog 'caught on' in the early days was because I would often talk about what I was like working as a full time fashion model - and a rare and exciting career it is to have  - one that is largely determined by an accident of genetics, height, bone structure... and damn good will power to maintain a slim physique. I don't really do any modelling anymore - I could if I wanted to - but my new path is far more rewarding. Actually being asked my opinion?! The luxury!! Anyway I'm totally rambling on now - but this is all in an effort to vow to write more about my industry and my experiences on my blog. I should know better than to avoid putting effort into this - because I am well aware of how lucky I've been with the opportunities I've had. I was raised in a remote community, on a farm - so far removed from the high flying fashion industry - dreaming of something more exciting and glamorous than what lay before me. My dreams came to fruition, not in the way I had anticipated at all (who would have thought 15 years ago that being a fashion blogger was a legit career path!?) but now I have a chance to share what I'm learning with people all over the world who share the same dreams. So much to come!

    This pic btw was an attempted outfit post that I gave up on because I didn't like the look of the flash. Only took a few shots, but when I loaded this one onto the computer I decided I didn't mind the drama so much. And the cactus. I'm about that cactus.

    top, Scanlan & Theodore

    skirt, Carl Kapp

    cuff, Mies Nobis

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  • 04/21/13--17:36: MBFWA Streetstyle Part 1
  • MBFWA Streetstyle Part 1

    I left my shooting street style this season to chance, spent very little time haunting outside the shows - so feel very grateful to have score the amount of content I did from such little investment. Thankfully - the Aussie squad really brought it - always sporting the freshest looks with vibrant hues and unexpected combinations. You'll also notice a theme of metallics's in this post, illustrated in clutches and heels - and with Susie Bubble rocking those silver leather trousers. Love the way Nicole (first pic, Blankbird blog) has paired together the bright prints in her mid length skirt and clutch - and I'm obviously a great fan of how Mandy has paired stripes with paisley (second to last pic). Chloe, with her purple sweater and clear umbrella was one of my favourites all week, scored two more pics of her in my next streetstyle post coming Wednesday.  Also got snaps of my girls Jess, Nicole and Margs. So proud of the Aussie contingent for rocking it out this season!

    photography, Me

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  • 04/22/13--14:00: The Aje Girl
  • The Aje Girl

    Last year's Aje show was a complete surprise for me - to be perfectly honest I didn't know I whole load about the brand - and their shipwreck themed collection was one of the most impressive I'd seen, particularly because of the sheer amount of labour invested and quality evident in each garment. I was intrigued by what direction designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Robinson would take this year and its clear to me that this girl has evolved to one with a romantic heart - still edgy - but more feminine. I guess I could go on about my impressions of the collection but I always feel like I don't know what I'm on about when I talk deeply on fashion.... Whenever I look at a collection my first ideas evolve from what editorial I would create with the clothes. So, I'm dreaming of a prairie by the sea - a sweet new romance - maybe a picnic in a field. Someone give me a team lets go shoot!!!

    Thanks so much to the team at Aje for having me along to show.

    photography, me

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  • 04/24/13--00:17: MBFWA Streetstyle Part 2
  • MBFWA Streetstyle Part 2

    My second post from MBFWA, but certainly not the last of my content from the week. I still have so much more! But I put so much time and effort into editing that the only way I can do it is to eek it out this way. Already though - I have three shoots I've done this week to go up - one which features the divine Jessica Hart, which I'm obviously busting to share... on Monday. It's starting to realise that the sheer amount of work I take on simply isn't enough for one person to take alone - and that I'll be needing an intern to help me in the coming weeks! It will so relieve the pressure, its a fulltime gig simply managing to post every day - let alone reply to all the important emails and keeping on top of the production from the shooting! ARGGHHHHH!

    As you can tell from this, I'm frazzled. I love my work so I have to keep powering forward but I certainly feel a turning point, where my once casual hobby has turned me into an accidental business owner and learning all the way. It's seriously exciting... but I'm just one little person!

    Anyway, back to this post - feature image - my favourite fox, Mandy, looking the epitome of fresh and cool in her Balmain jacket.  Also including, Sara rocking a Goot dress - the delicate Connie in her signature floral headpiece -  two pics of incredibly chic blogger Chloe - and Susie bubble in candy pink. Aussie fashion rocks.

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